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My New Old Project: This Blog

I think this site needs an overhaul. I haven’t written much in the past few years.  It’s not because I didn’t want to, or because I didn’t have things to write about. It’s because most of my experiences have been a little too personal to share with my preferred audience of, well . . . everyone in the universe. It’s been a wild ride of … Continue reading My New Old Project: This Blog

Metablog: I’m still writing, dammit!

Every once in a while, I run into a friend who says, “Do you still write for your blog?”  The answer is yes . . . just not lately. I’m not sure why I haven’t been able to make myself post anything on here.  Sometimes I think, “Man, I really feel like writing a post right now.” But then I don’t. Or sometimes I do, … Continue reading Metablog: I’m still writing, dammit!

Indiana Farm

Never Stop Exploring

They say familiarity breeds contempt, and I know that the longer I stay in a place, the more I take it for granted.  In fact, many people I know (myself included) have spent much of their lives near many historic and beautiful locations and never gone to check them out.  I’ve been living on the gorgeous Japanese island of Okinawa for over five years now, … Continue reading Never Stop Exploring

Sleeping Tony

Adjusting Your Sleep Schedule

I don’t know about you all, but whenever I miss sleep, I am irritable and pissed off at the world.  I try to keep myself on a regular healthy sleep schedule to counter this, but with my job that’s not always possible. There are plenty of reasons for a person to adjust their sleep schedule:  It could be that you changed shifts at your job, … Continue reading Adjusting Your Sleep Schedule

Liebster Award

Metablog: YFT Wins a Liebster (or Two)

Since I started this blog, I have received a number of reader recognition awards from fellow bloggers.  First I got the Versatile Blogger Award from Miss Z at Blame it on Disney, and then I got a Liebster Blog Award from TheBrontëSister.  Last month when I was slaving away at NaNoWriMo and my job, hardly writing anything for this blog, my good friend Miss Z … Continue reading Metablog: YFT Wins a Liebster (or Two)


It’s beginning to look a lot like Saturnalia

Nowadays, I have a really difficult time getting into the Christmas spirit.  Maybe it’s because of how commercialism demands that Christmas carols play on the radio and in the stores before Halloween is over so people will blow more money.  I’m a firm believer in only celebrating one holiday at a time, and by the time Christmas arrives, I am completely burned out on the … Continue reading It’s beginning to look a lot like Saturnalia

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October is Slacktivism Awareness Month

First, let me just throw this out there: “slacktivism” is a fun word to say, and it totally belongs in the dictionary. Now that that’s out of the way . . . Earlier today, I took part in a Facebook exchange where my friend Kate had posted this article about the commercialization and exploitative nature of the breast cancer awareness movement.  One of my favorite … Continue reading October is Slacktivism Awareness Month

The Liebster Blog Award

Metablog: Are we there yet?

It’s that time again–time for the monthly metablog from YFT!  A lot has happened since my last metablog: novel writing, guest posting, recognition, and some difficulties in my personal life.  Some of this may affect my blogging habits in the near future, so look forward to some new and interesting posts. Novel Writing Last month, I wrote 40,000 words of fiction after having not written … Continue reading Metablog: Are we there yet?

Writing Tips

Novel Writing: Lessons Learned

Yesterday was the last day of Camp NaNoWriMo.  For those who are unfamiliar with the NaNoWriMo concept, I just spent the month trying to reach a word count of 50, 000 in 30 days.  I have come up about 10,000 words short at the end of the month, but I’m not discouraged.  This has been a great learning experience for me.  Since I know many … Continue reading Novel Writing: Lessons Learned