Starting Over

A while back, I received a guitar as a gift and decided I would learn to play it.  I jumped right into it, using online lessons and a simple beginner’s book the same way I learned to play the harmonica and ukulele.  But I found that it was much more difficult than I expected.  Also, since the guitar has many similarities to the ukulele, songs … Continue reading Starting Over

Unusual hobbies: Ukulele Essentials

This is a followup to Unusual Hobbies: Teach Yourself Ukulele. If you read the original article and you followed the advice I gave, then you have a ukulele, and you can probably play quite a few chords with a variety of strumming techniques.  You probably also know a few songs.  Congratulations on learning to play a fun, quirky, and beautiful instrument! Here’s where we up … Continue reading Unusual hobbies: Ukulele Essentials

Uking on my KPK

Unusual Hobbies: Teach Yourself Ukulele

Whenever I get bored with things, I try to pick up a new and unusual hobby.  In Fall of 2010 that hobby was learning to play the ukulele.  It seemed like an appropriate instrument for the little island of Okinawa, and shortly after I started playing, one of my friends pointed out a newspaper announcement that they were seeking Japanese and Americans to start up … Continue reading Unusual Hobbies: Teach Yourself Ukulele