Metablog: A Return to Writing

It appears I’ve gotten out of the habit of writing, and with NaNoWriMo coming up that’s a bad thing, especially because I have volunteered to help lead the local group by arranging events and activities, and I also volunteered to act as assistant director for a Christmas pantomime for my local theater group.  I’m hoping that from this post on, I can ease myself back into it by maybe posting once a week.  The strange thing about it lately is that writing, which was once a stress reliever for me, now feels like work.  But to be fair, over the past few months, many things I used to love, like playing my ukulele and studying languages, have become difficult.

This post is really just meant to be a quick update on the doings of Your Friend Tony.  As mentioned a few metablogs back, I am in the process of getting divorced, which now has me geographically separated from my children.  And when I say “geographically separated”, I mean, like, 7,000 miles–that’s a long swim.  On one hand, it gives me more free time, on the other hand, I miss those brats a lot and frequent Skype dates aren’t really enough.  Fortunately, I might be taking some leave soon to go visit them so I can crush them to death with Papa Bear hugs.

In the mean time, I have been putting extra effort into work.  I got a unit-level award a few months back, and I recently got selected for promotion, although I will most likely have to wait for about a year to put on my new rank.  Outside of work, I have been gradually assembling a respectable bachelor pad, and I have picked up a few new unusual hobbies as well as rediscovering some old unusual hobbies.  And, as always, I have been making new friends wherever I go.

Does your bachelor pad have a bonsai? Mine does.

Does your bachelor pad have a bonsai? Mine does. There’s also a urinal. This place was meant to be a man cave.

It has been a while since I’ve read the blogs of all my blogger friends, so let me know what’s been going on for all of you.  I’ll try to stop by each of your blogs and play a little catch up.

As far as what to expect over the next few weeks, here are a few possible topics:

  • Man Crush: Jim Henson – Jim Henson is a long time hero of mine, and I may time this to come out in preparation for SJ’s Dark Crystal livetweet/drinkalong on October 5th.  (If you’re a Twitter junkie like me, you should consider joining us.)
  • Bachelor Life: Feeding Yourself – I have never been afraid of the culinary arts, and I can certainly follow a recipe. This will include a few cooking tips for people who live on their own that have worked for me.
  • Things I Like: Roller Derby – Lately, nothing has gotten my heart racing as much as watching a bunch of Amazons on roller skates slamming into each other in their wicked costumes.  This is quickly becoming my favorite spectator sport, and it’s getting very popular among the military community in Okinawa.
  • Unusual Hobbies: Martial Arts – I’m still not sure if this one is going to happen. I went back to a jiujitsu class for the first time in a couple years, and I think I found a good crowd this time–as opposed to the douchey, MMA-obsessed braggarts that really turned me off of it when I left a few years ago.

Comment, comment, comment. All the feelings for you guys!

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2 comments on “Metablog: A Return to Writing

  1. Yay, Tony! You’re back!

    I’m very excited about this assistant directing gig. How awesome is that, right?

    I’m glad you’re alive and well. I’ve been hiding out a little. I’m trying to change that. We’ll see how that actually goes, though. I tend to think there are more hours in a day than there actually are. It’s one of my failings.

  2. Hey I just heard cracked.com is looking for new writers, and they pay 100 bucks if your article gets selected. Your blog posts remind me of their layouts, thought you might be interested.

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