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Metablog: YFT Wins a Liebster (or Two)

Since I started this blog, I have received a number of reader recognition awards from fellow bloggers.  First I got the Versatile Blogger Award from Miss Z at Blame it on Disney, and then I got a Liebster Blog Award from TheBrontëSister.  Last month when I was slaving away at NaNoWriMo and my job, hardly writing anything for this blog, my good friend Miss Z nominated me for another Liebster Blog Award, and then the other day my old college friend Beth who writes Worldly Rise nominated me for yet another one.  That’s two Liebsters within a month!  (That’s a lot of links, but I insist that you click on them all.)The Liebster Blog AwardLiebster Award

The rules for these awards vary a bit across all the sources I’ve checked, but I’ll do my best to repost my interpretation:

  • Spread the love by nominating five deserving blogs that have fewer than 300 followers.
  • Tell eleven facts about oneself.  (It’s like writing my own interview of myself. I’m going to have fun with this one.)

Technically, I should double all that since it’s two awards, or maybe I’ll just pass on twice the good karma to my nominees. Let’s go with the latter.

Without further ado, here are the nominees:

  • Leauxra for Does This Make My Blog Look Fat?–This is a recent discovery for me.  When I was preparing for NaNoWriMo this year, I found myself in a whole bunch of NaNoWriMo circles on Google+, so I started adding people back, and that’s how I found Laura’s blog.  Unfortunately, Blogger hates me, so I can’t ever get my comments to post, but her blog is awesomely funny, and her illustrations are pretty damn cool.
  • Rebecca for Lady or Not…Here I Come–Usually when someone follows my blog, I at least give theirs a quick glance to see if I would like to follow them back.  Rebecca’s blog is my preferred brand of goofy, and it got my attention right away.  I highly recommend it.
  • Amy for Lucy’s Football–I’ve been following Amy’s blog for a long time, and I can’t believe I haven’t yet told you all to stop what you’re doing and go read one of her posts.  She is a prolific poster, with excellent titles, and from reading her blogs, it’s like you can actually hear her voice coming through.
  • People of Lewisham’s Ukulele Club–These guys found me a while back when I posted an article about essential ukulele songs and they left me a few suggestions of their own.  Their site is a great resource for everything from arcane ukulele knowledge to inspiring videos.
  • Kate Sherrod for Suppertime Sonnets–Kate ranks among my favorite Twitter buddies for her excellent word inventions, quirky sense of humor, and her love for arthropods.  Her sonnets are also quite enjoyable, and all of the things I just mentioned about her shine through in them.

Of course, don’t forget to check out some of the other blogs I follow and have recognized in the past: Blame it on Disney, Analyfe, Moment Matters, Life with Blondie, notchangingmyname, Facehookin’, butimbeautiful, Book Snobbery, The Jane Doe Novel Experiment, and Worldly Rise.

The self interview:

Q:  Tony, first thing’s first–do you have anyone you would like to thank for this great honor?

A:  Absolutely.  I really want to thank my readers.  You all are the ones who make this worth doing, and it feels great to know that there are people out there who can relate to me.

Q:  What, exactly, would you say this blog is about?

A:  When I started, I wasn’t really sure.  Now that I’ve been doing it for a while, though, this seems to be my own playground for sharing interests.  I’ve posted memoirs, how-tos, and articles about all kinds of things, and I expect to keep posting more of the same.

Q:  With a blog named Your Friend Tony, do you feel like you’ve made any friends through your work on this blog.

A:  Certainly.  I have some regular readers and commenters whose blogs I also follow, and in that way, it feels like a sort of contemporary pen pal relationship.  Many of the same relationships have carried over to Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ as well, which makes interactions more frequent and has allowed me to get to know some of these people better.  You all know who you are, and you’re all awesome!

Q:  It’s been nearly a year since you started writing YFT.  What have you learned in a year of blogging?

A:  It has been really great to be putting down words again.  If I’ve learned anything, it’s that I am a writer, and blogging keeps me sane.  Well, it keeps me at a manageable level of insane, anyway.

Q:  You’ve written a few posts about social media, especially Twitter. Do you have any views to share?

A:  I love Facebook for keeping in touch with friends and family, and Twitter for exchanges with my blogger buddies.  I think Google+ is seriously misunderstood and under-rated, and I’ve been exploring some of its uses recently.  I’ll probably write a post about it soon.

Q:  Do you have a favorite post?

A:  My favorite, hands down, is The Tony Bird Guide to Dating a Geek.  I had so much fun researching and writing it, and to this day, it remains my favorite post.

Q:  Are there any topics you try to avoid?

A:  My Opa once told me that you should never talk about religion or politics, and I agree.  Most of the time, I avoid these topics, although I certainly have my own views and opinions.  I’ve also cut back a little bit on writing about family life because my wife doesn’t like for our relationship to be made public.

Q:  What other writing projects do you have going on?

A:  I wrote two novels in 2012, and I would actually like to see one of them cleaned up and published.  I’m planning to start taking it apart and putting it back together in January with a goal of submitting to agents/publishers by the end of 2013.

Q:  Can we read your writing anywhere else?

A:  I’m very proud to write for one of my favorite blogs, Insatiable Booksluts.  I usually write about writing, but I also do the occasional book review.

Q:  Do you have any big plans for 2013?

A:  Other than submitting something for publication, I would like to take up an additional unusual hobby.  I’m leaning toward photography or scuba diving, or I might get more serious about sailing.  I also meant to write a play this year and never got around to it, so that might go in my 2013 goals.

Q:  What can we expect to see in future YFT posts?

A:  I started a memoir a while back about Life in the Military, and I would like to pick up where I left off on that.  I still have a few posts I’ve mentioned in the past like Unusual Hobbies: Straight Razor Shaving, Things I Like: Drag Queens, and plenty of others that I will get around to eventually.  I also thought about posting snippets of the novel I’m not planning to publish as a serial.  It would require heavy editing, though.

That’s it for this special award edition of Metablog.  Make sure you visit the blogs I linked to above, and leave a comment if you care to!


5 thoughts on “Metablog: YFT Wins a Liebster (or Two)

    1. Haha! I realize that these awards are kind of like those e-mail chain letters that your grandma sends where you’re supposed to forward it to ten people or you’ll have bad luck for the rest of your life, so don’t feel too obligated to play along, but I do sincerely love reading the stuff you write (posts and poems). 🙂

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