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Things I Like: Favorite Vlogs

I promised in my last metablog that although I will no longer by making my own vlog, I would try to ease your sadness by recommending some other excellent vlogs that I watch regularly.  The one thing these people all have in common is that they are funny and they make funny videos. I would recommend that before you continue reading this, you set aside no less than two hours to watch videos on YouTube.  Most of these videos are short, but each one is part of a series, and you will want to follow the links to the other videos.

  • Miss Yau
    I found this vlog back when I was studying Cantonese.  My search for “Cantonese Lessons” brought up the video embedded below.  Aside from teaching some funny Cantonese terms, it made me laugh.  The girl in the video, Garbo Yau, has made several other videos, but this one is my favorite.  The “Asian . . . Super Asian” clip that she puts on the end of all her videos makes me laugh every time.
  • Bubbiosity
    Although I adore Miss Yau, she doesn’t post videos nearly as often as I’d like.  However, she frequently Tweets recommendations for this vlogger, Bubz, who is also a Cantonese speaker.  My wife likes her beauty vlog, Bubzbeauty, but I prefer her humor vlog, Bubbiosity.  It’s chock full of cross-dressing, ridiculous costumes, and making fun of Asians.
  • Epic Meal Time
    This show is the only one I watch regularly that is not hosted by a woman.  I’m not really sure why I don’t watch other male vloggers, but I know why I do watch these guys: When I grow up, I want to be them.  This show looks like it is a blast to make.  Each episode, these guys make an excessively meaty, fatty meal that is doused in Jack Daniels, and then they eat it like ravenous barbarians.
  • Jenna Marbles
    She is another very funny vlogger.  She makes a video at least once a week and covers a wide variety of topics, making fun of just about everyone and everything.  She is also responsive to viewer suggestions from her comments and often vlogs about subjects that her fans have requested.
  • iCarly
    Although this technically isn’t a real vlog, I love this show.  I found it by watching Spongebob with my kids.  When Spongebob ended, iCarly came on and we would keep watching.  One day I realized that the kids had all left the room when Spongebob was over, and I was still watching iCarly by myself.  Why didn’t I change the channel?  Because this show is hilarious.  It’s about a girl who does a web show, so I count it as one of my vlogging inspirations.  Sorry that I can’t embed a video on here, but follow this link to see some clips that feature my favorite character Gibby.
  • My Drunk Kitchen
    This is by far my favorite vlog.  Hannah Hart, a.k.a. Harto, is one of the funniest entertainers on the internet.  She is awesome and should be more than just internet famous, hosting Saturday Night Live and making award show speeches about political issues that she barely understands.  If I were a director, I would figure out a way to cast her in every movie I made.  Here is an episode of her show, My Drunk Kitchen:

So there you go.  These people all looked like they were having so much fun doing what they do on YouTube, and I wanted a piece of the action, up until I realized that meant I would have to record regularly.  Since I don’t like recording, I don’t like editing, and I don’t ever have good vlog ideas, I abandoned my own vlog.  However, I will continue to enjoy these vlogs.


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