I'm not opposed to using litotes.

Things I Don’t Dislike: Litotes

In the spirit of stating by understating, I’m going to use not too few litotes in this post.  I really don’t dislike using litotes because they are not a bad way to say the things that you don’t intend not to say.  In not a few languages, double negatives don’t cancel negation but instead emphasize it.  However, in the English language, double negatives negate the negative, and don’t disallow a writer to say what something is by saying what it is not.

Litotes (according to not a few sources, it’s never used in the singular form) are a rhetorical understatement made by stating the negative of the opposite of what you’re trying to say.  You probably don’t miss out on using litotes yourself.  Saying something is “not too bad” or that something is “not unlike” something that it is like are not bad examples of litotes.

I’m not uncertain that the use of none too scant litotes can lead to writing that is not uncomplicated for readers.  If you haven’t failed to make it this far, you are not undeserving of congratulations.  I might even tell you, “Way to not suck!” as I am not seldom wont to say.

Way to not suck!
This is one of my congratulatory catchphrases.

I won’t say this isn’t fun, which is why I don’t dislike using litotes.  However, I want to refrain from disallowing my readers to avoid deciphering not enough of this confusing language, so I’ll conclude here.

Please don’t refrain from leaving me comments, and don’t avoid using a few of your own litotes.


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