Forget signs! What’s your blood type?

I learned about something recently that my reader(s) may find interesting.  My mom was always big on astrology, and I know plenty of people who compare signs to tell whether or not they are compatible with others.  I thought that Asian cultures were the same way with the Chinese zodiac, but it turns out that it is much more common to compare blood types.

In Japan, South Korea, and several other nations in East Asia, the people believe that your blood type will determine certain aspects of your personality and whether or not two people are compatible.  There’s about as much science behind it as there is behind checking your horoscope, so if you’re one of those people, you may consider asking people what their blood type is. Besides, it doesn’t sound creepy at all.

What does your blood type say about you?  Check yours below:

A – If you’re an A, then you are grounded and responsible, a bit of a perfectionist, but you are also shy and introverted.  You like to take care of things.  Try gardening or managing an investment profile.  If you’re looking for a romantic match, go for other As and ABs. 

B – If you’re a B, then you are free-spirited and passionate, but unfortunately, you are also unpredictable and a little self-centered.  Once you start a project, you don’t want to stop until it’s finished.  Maybe you could be a composer or an architect.  You match up best with other Bs and ABs.

AB – ABs, you are sensitive and rational, but you tend to be critical and hold grudges.  The AB combination gives you a little bit of a duality in your nature, so you’re always striving to find that balance.  With your two-faced tendencies, you might do well in politics.  Make sure you date other ABs and Os, because they’re the ones you will like the best.

O – Type O, you are ambitious, confident, and charismatic.  This makes you come across as arrogant and insensitive to others.  You Os like to be the center of attention.  Be an actor or a CEO to fulfill your destiny.  If you’re anything like my wife (also an O), I know that you excel at killing potted plants.  You are supposed to match up with all of the other blood types as well as your own.

Does yours match up?  If it does, you’re probably just thinking about it too much.  That being said, going to the phlebotomist might make a very memorable first date.


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